Company Profile

Dubaihost is a sharia’a-compliant, Dubai-based closed-shareholding company that was established in 2007. The company’s current strategic direction is focused on acquiring majority stakes in regional technology, media and telecommunication companies (TMT), and actively overseeing its portfolio companies’ operational activities. Companies managed by Dubaihost have serviced a diverse client base that includes both public and private sectors. dubaihost’s current regional portfolio companies offer services such as; ICT infrastructure, software outsourcing, data center management, and systems integration.

Furthermore, the company also manages a long-term high-technology equity portfolio consisting of stakes in internationally based companies. Dubaihost’s current international portfolio companies operate in diverse sectors such as; mobile data security, telecommunications operations, RFID technology, photonics devices and java scalability applications. Through this strategic vision, Dubaihost seeks to position itself as a leading entity within the dynamic digital ecosystem, both locally and regionally. This unique approach is solidified by the company’s extensive experience within the TMT sector, and its strong relationships with worldwide technology providers and service operators. Dubaihost’s team of qualified and experienced professionals remains dedicated to achieving this vision, and continuously seeks to capitalize on new opportunities within the TMT sector. vision, and continuously seeks to capitalize on new opportunities within the TMT sector.


Eng. Ayman Ghanem Ali Al-Bannaw

For the second consecutive year, Dubaihost was able to realize profits in 2013. Additionally, 2013 has witnessed the advent of financial flows directly resulting from operational revenue, thus ushering an unprecedented level of success for the company. These achievements have been facilitated by the implementation of Dubaihost’s innovative strategic direction, in which the company has attempted to expand its services within the digital ecosystem. This strategic vision has established the company as an integral component of the Information and Technology sector both locally and regionally, therefore signaling potential increases in operational revenue in the forthcoming years.

We believe that both recent and expected developments in the digital services sector are cause for major optimism for our company and the industry in its entirety. The vast, consumer-driven expansion of the industry provides a multitude of exciting opportunities for us to become a premier provider and pioneer of innovative services specific to the MENA region.

The synergy provided by our subsidiaries ensures that we are adequately equipped to tackle new opportunities created by the dynamic digital ecosystem. Furthermore, we have forged key strategic partnerships that complement the company’s vision, and intend to leverage these relationships to ensure that we remain at the forefront of Digital services provision. In closing, I would personally like to thank all our shareholders for their valuable support and continued faith in our ability to fulfil our long-term vision for Dubaihost.


Mr. Faisal Abdulaziz AlNassar

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Reyadh Salem Edrees

Vice Chairman of the Board

Dr. Fahad Sulaiman AlKhaled

Board Member and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Abdulghani  Mohammad Saleh Behbehan

Board Member

Mr. Mohammed Sabri Abdalradi

Board Member

Mr. Ahmad Ghannam AlShammari

Secretary of the Board


Eng. Ayman Ghanem Ali Al-Bannaw

Chairman and Managing Director

Mr. Hussein Diab

Chief Financial Officer

Sh. Latifah Al-Sabah

Business Development Director

Mr. Abdulaziz E. Al-Mousa

Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer

Mr.Ibrahim Al Qurnah

PR/Marketing, and Investor Relations Manager

Ms. Souad Al Saadoun

HR & Administration Manager